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Account Updater FAQ - Payrix Canada

Basic information about Payrix’s Account Updater service for Payrix Pro Partners.

For Payrix Pro Partners:

What is Account Updater?

It is a service that automatically checks for and updates account numbers and expiration dates for cards on file. Account Updater helps merchants avoid interruptions in scheduled recurring payments and limits unnecessary declines that can be caused by cards with outdated information.

Can I select which profiles/subscriptions to submit to the Account Updater service? 

Since this service collects all stored Visa, Mastercard, Discovers tokens and submits them to the Account Updater network, it is applied on a per merchant basis only.

How do I turn on Account Updater?

To get started, use the implementation guide linked here or contact your account manager/implementation specialist to request to activate this service.

What card types are supported with Account Updater?

Visa, Mastercard, and Discover are supported.

How am I billed for each update?

Charges are calculated per response from Account Updater service and charged to you per updated token. Service responses that will trigger a fee include:

  • Contact cardholder for updated information

  • Account number was changed

  • Account was closed

  • Expiration date was changed

Note, if there are no updates on a card, you will not be charged. You will only be billed a service fee for cards that are updated.

What happens to tokens that fail to update?

Payrix clients will have access to a detailed report that will display the token for the cardholder that did not update or failed. This report will give you the information needed to notify your customers to reach out to the cardholder to update the payment information manually.

In what regions is the Account Updater service supported?

Account Updater Service is supported for the US/North American processing accounts

How do I cancel/disable the Account Updater service?

Should you want to discontinue using Account Updater service, contact your account manager/implementation specialist.

What is the difference between Payment Update and Payment Update Group?

Payment Updates: An individual record of the token submitted to the Account Updater Service. This indicates the token associated with the payment and its status. 

Payment Update Groups: A group created for each entity payment that is associated with all payment updates created for each valid token. 

What does each fee trigger represent? 

Account Updater Request = Triggers fee on file submission 

Account Updater Group Request = Triggers fee on payment submission 

Account Updater Update = Triggers on token update 

Account Updater Group Update = Triggers on payment update

Will the Token ID be updated to match the new payment instrument?

Token IDs will not change if an account is successfully updated. The Payment ID associated with the token will be updated, which contains the information for the stored card. 

What does the “Failed” status mean?

Invalid credit card number - indicates that the card data failed a validation. You will need to correct the issue and resubmit.

Invalid expiration date - indicates that the expiration date failed validation. You will need to correct the issue and resubmit.

What are all of the response codes for updates?

  • Account number was changed - Submit the account number returned in the completion response.

Note: The response may also indicate that both the account number and expiration date changed.

  • Account was closed - Contact the cardholder for updated information.

  • Expiration date was changed - Submit the expiration date returned in the completion response.

  • Issuing bank does not participate in the update program - The issuer does not participate in the Account Updater program. Submit original card information.

  • Contact cardholder for updated information - Contact the cardholder for updated information

  • No match found - There was no match found in the updated information. Submit the original card information

  • No changes found - Submit the original card information.

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