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Account Updater - Canada

Use this Quick Reference Guide to learn how to automatically update saved customer address and payment information when a customer’s information changes.

When your customers get a new card, by replacing it or reporting it as lost or stolen, it can lead to an increase in declines and interrupt important scheduled or recurring payments. Use Account Updater Service to automatically update credit card information and expiration dates for cards on file. Achieve customer cost savings, while increasing sales and approval rates with greater customer satisfaction. 

If you haven’t checked out the Account Updater FAQ, let’s start there. Here’s a link.

This guide was created as a quick reference on how to use Account Updater. We’ve included five easy steps with screenshots to show you how to navigate.

Step 1:  To get started, reach out to your service provider and request to turn on Account Updater Service for your merchant account. Note, your service provider will need to know how often you would like your tokens to be sent for submission.

Step 2: Once Account Updater Service has been activated, you will be able to monitor the service inside the merchant portal. If you are not currently signed in, log into your merchant account now to access. On the dashboard to the left, select customers, click “+” to expand, then select “Payment Updates” on the submenu.

Step 3: You now have a view of the token information, or “Payment Updates.” Use the ellipsis on the top left to select information you would like displayed. Use the arrow to the right at the end of each row; you can show or hide additional information.

Basic information:

Full detail:

Step 4: Use the search feature to quickly locate cardholders, the last 4 of the card, or any of the data items you would like to search by. 

Step 5: All payment update information can be exported to a CSV or XLS. The file will contain all of the fields you have selected in the ellipsis menu. An example use case is if you have tokens that don’t update, and you need to contact cardholders. A quick export will provide you with all necessary information you need to reach out to your customers.

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