Payrix is now offering improved fraud prevention tools to validate bank accounts for merchant boarding, existing accounts and ACH transactions in accordance with the latest NACHA regulation. This new feature in the portal aims to add stability and security to your merchant portfolio. 

What does this mean for you and your customers?

  • While Payrix will attempt to conduct Bank Account Validation based on the information received, current processes for onboarding new merchants still warrant registering using Plaid (if currently enabled) or uploading a copy of a voided check with their application.

  • The Payrix Underwriting team may reach out for additional information if a bank account does not validate at the time of a new merchant application or when an existing merchant attempts to update their bank information.

  • eCheck transactions may be declined or held due to results from our validation. If this occurs, our transaction monitoring team may reach out for additional information. 

  • New and existing clients will incur a Debit ACH Verification Fee of $0.50 for third party verification of customer bank information details entered in the eCheck (ACH) transaction in accordance with ACH Debit rule by NACHA. This will occur for eCheck transactions but only the first time for recurring eCheck transactions. In order to reduce cost, Payrix will implement a risk-based approach to decide when a third party bank account verification will be required.

  • New and existing clients can pass this fee to the merchant or even upcharge it to the merchant.

 Reach out to your Relationship Manager within 15 days if you are already utilizing a bank account verification process for the Debit ACH transaction, which fulfills the requirements for ACH Debit rule by NACHA.