The Admin category includes the capabilities of Referrers to create withdrawals of their available balance, generate a variety of transaction, dispute and merchant-based reports, create email or web alerts, view risk and compliance parameters, and adjust settings for Payments, Business or User Portal experience.

About Admin

The Admin category available in the Portal contains options for Referrers to:

  • View and Generate Withdrawals of their available balance,

  • See returned Withdrawal attempts,

  • Generate a scheduled or quick reporting (more or less comprehensive data based on report generation time),

  • Setup alerts (notifications for specific actions) via email or web / webhook for APIs,

  • Risk-Review merchants and transactions flagged as high-risk, and;

  • Generate API Keys and adjust settings for Portal User experience, details about the Referrer business, API keys and other details.

See a list of Admin category pages below:

Admin Pages