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Add a new Merchant via API


This document details how to create a merchant and initiate onboarding to Payrix via the API.

  • Entity: This is a top-level resource of a business that references a merchant, referrer or facilitator.

  • Account: This represents the bank account associated with an Entity.

  • Merchant: Any business that accepts payments in exchange for goods or services.

  • Member: A person associated with a Merchant.


Additional information regarding the Boarding process and requirements can be referenced on our Boarding API Documentation Center.

There are multiple ways a merchant can be created based on the endpoint used. For example, to create an Entity, Account, Merchant, and Member in a single request then you would use the /entities endpoint and include the classes for accounts , merchant, and members. This allows you to leverage a single request to create everything you need rather than having to split out multiple requests.

The example below uses the /entities endpoint to create an account in a single request.

Getting Started:

It is important to always reference our swagger documentation available on our API Portal for more information on each method, field, and to view example requests. For a quick break down on each class field, requirements, variable type, length, and an example reference the API Specification Supplement (Entities, Accounts, Merchants, Members).

To begin submitting an API request to create a merchant you must have the following:

  • Header: Private API Key

    • API: Created via a CREATE /apikeys request.

    • Portal: Created underneath Admin > Settings > Add API Key

JSON Sample Request

Create Merchant Request using /Entities endpoint.

    "type": 2,
    "name": "Entity Company",
    "address1": "1234 River Lane",
    "address2": null,
    "city": "Frisco",
    "state": "TX",
    "zip": "75034",
    "country": "USA",
    "phone": "8556729749",
    "fax": null,
    "email": "",
    "ein": "123456789",
    "website": "",
    "tcVersion": "1.0",
    "currency": "USD",
    "accounts": [
            "primary": "1",
            "currency": "USD",
            "account": {
                "method": "8",
                "number": "3829803325",
                "routing": "021000021"
    "merchant": {
        "dba": null,
        "new": "1",
        "mcc": "1799",
        "status": "1",
        "members": [
                "title": "CEO",
                "first": "FirstName",
                "middle": null,
                "last": "LastName",
                "ssn": null,
                "dob": "19910131",
                "dl": "123456789",
                "dlstate": "NY",
                "ownership": 10000,
                "email": "",
                "fax": null,
                "phone": "5903324578",
                "primary": "1",
                "address1": "123 Main St",
                "address2": null,
                "city": "Rico",
                "state": "CO",
                "zip": "12345",
                "country": "USA"

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