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August 2022 Release Notes


New Features

  • New Request More Info page - allows partners to request more/additional documentation or information to streamline the manual boarding review process when something is missed or needs more clarification.

  • Three new emails have been created for the Request More Info page process. These emails are automatically sent as info is requested or received by the partner. These auto-generated emails can be white labeled similar to merchant signup forms but offer only fields for uploading documents or information.

  • Merchant emails that are added in the sign-up form will now pre-fill new “Create” and “Edit” Form sections.


  • Partners can now access merchant notes, documents, and custom field information from the prospective Merchant’s Account Profile page under “Notes” and “Documents” menus.

  • Three new discretionary fields have been added to the Portal for the Transaction Details sub-page. This allows merchant/customer specific fields will be passed along with the transaction.

Resolved Issues

  • Resolved an issue where .csv disbursement information would not completely download.

  • Resolved an issue where custom document and other custom fields would not appear in both expected locations (Account Profile>Notes / Documents) or (Merchant Underwriting page>Notes / Documents).


New Features

  • New type - disrectionary - added to TxnMetadatas VCORE_REPORTS_FLAT translator to handle client ID data stored for reporting purposes.


  • Three new discretionary fields have been added to the API for Transaction Details report. This allows further filtering, sorting, and specified information pulls within the Transaction Details report.

  • Payout secondary descriptor field name added for entity names in the “individual name” field and adjusted name to individualName to match accordingly.

  • Fee funding, adjustments and profit sharing entry jobs have been moved to a new entries queue to improve processing time and better handle the mentioned entry jobs.

Resolved Issues

  • Issue resolved where fees assessed to merchants would not show in the portal after being charged via API call.


New Features

  • Verifone devices are now available for merchants as a point-of-sale device offering additional device options.



  • “Report Type” column value added to the Report History page list - helping to specify the difference between the Standard Profit & Loss report and the Month-End Profit & Loss report at-a-glance.

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