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Authorize a Card Payment without Capture - Canada

Information about submitting auth-only transactions.

Essentially this is really easy from a technical perspective but there are considerations with the issuing bank and how they handle that we have no control over. The client will essentially submit a txn type of 2/Credit Card Auth Only. This will never capture unless they submit a separate txn type of 3 on that. This is where how they want to handle it comes into play. There are two options:

  1. Let the Auth fall off on its own. This will fall off on its own around 7 - 30 days; however, that is ultimately completely dependent on the Issuing Bank and we have no control of that. Each issuing bank varies on how they display this to the end user. Some will show pending on the statement and deduct from the available balance and others won't.

  2. The client can choose to submit a 4/Reverse Authorization, which means Payrix will send this to the Issuing Bank notifying them that the Auth has been Reversed. However, once again each Issuing Bank varies on how they display this, which we have no control over. Some will show the Auth and then upon receiving the Reverse, remove the Auth from the cardholder's statement within an hour. Others will display the Reversal as a separate instance on the statement meaning the Auth will display as a negative and the Reversal will display as a positive. The other situation that applies is where some issuing bank actually display the reversal as a second auth so that it looks like the transaction is being deducted twice from the cardholder when one is actually a reversal. We would recommend a Reversal; however, since we have no control over this and is completely dependent on the issuing bank the most important thing is that the client is aware of the impact to their client.

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