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Merchant Bulk Upload Requirements

Payrix will work with partners to meet the necessary technical and underwriting requirements for boarding using the bulk upload process, streamlining the migration of existing Merchants from another platform to Payrix.

This Merchant Bulk Upload process is also known as “Portfolio Conversion”, “Merchant Conversion”, “Migration”, “Import” or “Transition”.

Bulk Upload Requirements & Timeline

60 Days Before Bulk Upload

  1. Notify your Payrix Relationship Manager of your intended import date

    • Submit all payment processor agreements for you and your Merchant portfolio.

  2. Submit a Bulk Upload Data Import File.

30 Days Before Bulk Upload

  1. Address any data formatting or general portfolio issues identified by Payrix.

  2. Provide your Merchant’s Terms of Service change notification plan:

    1. What your change notification will say.

    2. How your change notification will be delivered.

    3. How you will capture your Merchants' agreement to the new terms.

  3. Provide any additional documents or information requested by Payrix.

15 Days Before Bulk Upload

  1. Using 5-10 non-critical Merchant accounts, test the initial migration.

  2. If applicable, make any data formatting corrections.

  3. Review auto-boarding fallout to determine if additional changes need to be made to the file to ensure greater success.

Day of Bulk Upload

Work with Payrix to submit, upload, and auto-board the remainder of your portfolio.

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