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Bulk Upload Boarding Process

Payrix will work with partners to meet the necessary technical and underwriting requirements for boarding via bulk upload, simplifying the process of migrating existing Merchants to Payrix from another platform.

The below bulk upload process, also known as portfolio/merchant conversion, migration or transition process, has been established to ensure merchants are seamlessly transferred to the Payrix platform:

Bulk Upload Requirements   

  • Partner to inform Payrix of the intended date on which the conversion is scheduled to take place

    • Partners are requested to notify Payrix 30-60 days minimum prior to intended bulk upload conversion date

  • Partner & merchant contracts from all processors involved are required

    • Payrix to review and understand partner's portability rights

    • Determine if there is an opportunity to assignment and assumption with existing processor

Data requests - There are two separate files required for data:

  • Bulk Upload Data Import file - data required to bulk upload the merchants to Payrix 

Worldpay Bulk Merchant Import Data .xlsx

  • Portfolio Data Request file - data used to assess the quality of the portfolio to determine if there are problematic merchants (i.e. high risk or restricted/prohibited business types, high chargeback or refund rates) - 

  • The two completed files must be provided to Payrix within 60 days prior to conversion

    • Lists will be reviewed to determine if all required data fields are available

    • The portfolio will be reviewed for problematic merchants (high risk or restricted/prohibited business types, high chargeback rates)

    • Payrix will advise if there are concerns with the required data fields or portfolio quality issues 

      • Payrix will provide a list of merchants that will not be permitted to board on our platform 

Portfolio Data Request.xlsx

Additional Requirements 

Partners are required to provide a detailed plan to present new terms of service to sub-merchants being converted, including:

  • Notification verbiage

  • Delivery method

  • Partner must demonstrate the ability to capture merchants' acceptance of new terms

Payrix must review and approve the partner’s plan

*Partners may be required to provide this information upon our request, such as in the event of audits or information request from sponsor banks

Initial Merchant Sample

Prior to the intended bulk upload conversion date, partner to submit 5 to 10 accounts to ensure merchants come in with the right data and are submitted as expected, after which Risk management will enable auto-boarding for the remaining population of merchants being converted

  • Partners are requested to submit sample accounts 2-4 weeks at minimum prior to the intended bulk upload conversion date

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