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Card Present Payments

Accept in-person payments at brick-and-mortar locations or using mobile solutions.

Card present payments include all in-person transactions during which the customer’s card data is read from the card using a payment terminal. Payrix supports different configurations for card present solutions and facilitates the procurement of terminals for merchants. The card present payment documentation covers the following topics:

This page provides more details about card present payments and the options that Payrix supports.

Key Terms

  • Merchant: The individual or business using a terminal device to accept card present payments in exchange for goods/services.

  • Cardholder: The customer making a card present purchase from the Merchant and submitting their payment on a terminal device.

  • Terminal: The device being used to capture the cardholder’s payment information in order for it to be communicated to the processing bank on behalf of the Merchant.

  • POS: Point of Sale software platforms that connect to terminals

  • EMV: Short for Europay, MasterCard, and Visa, EMV is a secure credit card payment, with an embedded microchip in the card that creates a unique transaction code that cannot be duplicated.

  • NFC: Short for Near Field Communication, NFC enables secure contactless credit card payments via smartphones (Apple Pay or Google Pay) within close proximity to a terminal.

  • Contactless: Contactless payments allow cardholders to tap or hover their chip card or smartphone near a terminal to make a payment, without having to make physical contact with the terminal.

Limited Support

While we transition to more streamlined card present solutions, we will offer limited support and documentation for the following terminal brands:

  • Dejavoo

  • Dynamag

  • Pax

  • Poynt

  • Verifone

Existing customers can view release notes and other information at our Archive Library upon request.

Understanding Card Present Setup Options

The sections below describe the options available to merchants when setting up terminals/devices for card present payments. The best option for a merchant depends on the level of integration they desire between their POS/Payrix account and the terminal/device.

Integrated Devices

Fully integrated Bluetooth terminals automatically communicate transactions submitted on the Merchant’s existing app to their Payrix account, allowing for seamless transaction management, reporting, and full integration with the Payrix Platform and Portal.

  • BBPOS Chipper 2XBT Mobile Bluetooth

  • BBPOS Chipper 3XBT Mobile Bluetooth

For more information on Integrated Devices, review this resource: Understanding Integrated Devices

Third-Party Integrated Card Present Gateways

In addition to Payrix-supported terminals/devices for card present payments, the following gateways are also compatible. Contact the vendor directly for support for any of these options:

  • USAePay / Network Merchants, Inc (NMI)


For more information on 3rd party integrated card present gateways, review this resource: Third-Party Integrated Card-Present Gateways

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