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Commercial Level 2 / Level 3 Data Processing - Canada

Use the Portal or API to support Level II/III payment data processing for B2B and large corporate clients.

For those serving B2B and large corporate clients, it’s essential to support Level II and Level III payment data processing due to the cost-saving benefits for your clients. Level II/III payment data for qualifying business credit cards can be submitted directly in the Portal or via API. After saving the payment card data via the tokenization methods outlined above, continue with one of the options below to submit Level II/III data via API: 

  1. Submit an authorization request directly from the API using the token with Level II/III nested in a single request. 

  2. Submit an authorization for the transaction via the API using the token, then submit a second API call, like Auth/Capture to add Level II/III data. 

Level II and Level III transactions can also be configured to submit via the Portal Payment Pages so that your merchants can login and process payments directly via the Payrix Platform. We have logic on our end to ensure the correct required fields are supplied for these types of transactions to process successfully.

For additional insights on how to successfully submit Level II and Level III transactions and for full API submission guide, please review this detailed document.

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