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Custom-Batch Times

The Payrix Custom Batch Time feature allows our Partners and Clients to customize when the Batch Close process occurs. This allows for the ability to accommodate different timezones or set up a midnight-to-midnight batch schedule to improve merchant reconciliation with funded transactions based on their business day.

Custom Batch Times are enabled/setup at a Facilitator level and require Risk/UW approval.
If you are interested in leveraging this feature please contact your Relationship Manager or Support.

Cutoff for daily batch out is 9:30 PM ET.

When leveraging Custom-Batch Times it's important to review the transaction status to know if a Void or Refund must be submitted. For more information on the Transaction Life Cycle please reference here.

For any merchant that is shipping products, we recommend selecting a batch cutoff time after the shipment has occurred so that a Void can be issued if needed.

NOTE: Changing the Payrix Batch Time past 9:30 PM ET will add an additional day of funding.

Since Payrix is still required to initiate our batch job with the processor at 9:30 PM ET, any custom batch time that is after this will add an additional day of funding since the transaction won’t actually be sent to the processor to batch until the next day.

At this time the Custom Batch Time is enabled via a Parameter (Facilitator only) that can be enabled on a merchant entity, as part of a group, or as part of an entire Referrer Division.

Any changes to a Merchant Batch Time should be coordinated with Support/Implementations to avoid duplicate/missed batches.

  • If a merchant is on the Payrix Default batch changes should be made after 10 PM ET and before 9 PM ET the next day.

  • If a merchant is on a custom batch time any changes to their existing batch time should be done 30min after the scheduled batch time and 30min before their next batch is scheduled.

Once a partner has been approved for Custom Batch Times the following process occurs:

  1. The facilitator sets up a Group, Entity, or Division on behalf of the Referrer with the specified custom-batch time.

    1. If the Custom Batch Time is set on group(s) then the Referrer can add merchants to this group when they are ready to adjust the batch time, which will take effect immediately.

  2. Any changes to the defined batch time on the group(s), Entity, or Division will require a ticket to to accommodate. This will be coordinated with the Referrer to prevent multiple or missed batches for that day.

Custom Batch Time After 9:30PM ET:

Custom Batch Before 9:30PM ET:

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