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Custom Batch Times

The Custom Batch Time feature allows Facilitators and Referrers to customize the transaction settlement batch closure time to accommodate different time zones or set up a midnight-to-midnight batch schedule, improving Merchant reconciliation with funded transactions by business day.

Custom Batch Times can only be applied to the Worldpay Processing Gateway transactions (Vantiv & VCore). Card-present terminal transactions utilize a different processing cycle through the Express Gateway.

The daily processor batch cutoff time for the processor is 9:30 PM (EST). Any batch time scheduled past this time will be transmitted and begin processing the following day. See the content below for a visual lifecycle of Custom Batch Time processing before and after the daily cutoff time:

Enabling Custom Batch Times

Custom Batch Times are enabled at a Facilitator level from the Parameters page within Settings.

  • Referrers must contact their Payrix Relationship Manager to enable this feature for their portfolio.

  • Facilitators can use the Apply your Custom Batch Time section below to apply the parameter.

Once approved and enabled, you can apply a Custom Batch Time to an individual Merchant, Group, or an entire Referrer portfolio (Division). Your Relationship Manager will work with Support to either set up or modify a Merchant, Group, or Division on your behalf with the specified custom-batch time.

Warning: Any changes to the defined batch time on the group(s), Entity, or Division will require a Support ticket to accommodate. This will be coordinated with the Referrer to prevent duplicate or missed batches for that day.

Apply your Custom Batch Time

The Custom Batch Time parameter can be applied from the Funding Parameter menu on the following pages:

  1. Referrer Profile page - Entire Referrer portfolios (Division)

  2. Merchant Profile page - Individual Merchants

  3. Group Profile page - Multi-Merchant Groups

Tip: It is recommended to configure the Custom Batch Time funding parameter on a Group to allow Referrers to add Merchants as they adjust their batch time, which will take effect immediately upon joining the Group.

Timing your Setup

When first applying a new Custom Batch Time, make any batch time changes after 10:00 PM (EST) and before 9:00 PM (EST) the following day.

When adjusting an existing Custom Batch TIme, make any batch time changes 30 minutes after the current batch close time and 30 minutes before the next batch close time.

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