Disbursements following a payout can be reported using the /disbursements endpoints and its associated endpoints:

To generate a report about a specific disbursement and example would be

  • call /disbursementEntries

  • in the API call header, call search disbursements[in]=disbusementID (t1_dbm_xxxxxxxx)

The response field disbursementEntries_event defines the type of transaction entry. Easy examples are:


  • 7 (Capture)

  • 21 (eCheck Sale)


  • 8 (Refund)

  • 23 (eCheck Return)

An example of /disbursementEntries example with returns and other disbursementEntries_event’s, see the CSV below:


Calculating Total Fees

  • To calculate ALL fees there is no need to breakdown by a specific entry. Rather you can just query isFee = 1 and pull in each item.

  • Example: in the Header do a search with a value of Entry[isFee][in]=1

Chargebacks / Other

There are a couple options on how you can query these events: 

  1. Calculate using the total disbursement amount minus the results of the other queries (ie. CBs/Other = Total Disbursement Amount - Total Sales - Total Refunds - Total Fees)

Pull Chargebacks and Other events via the EventID