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Document Request (F)

The Document Request page allows Facilitator-level users to request additional information from boarding Merchants for risk mitigation and instances where supporting documents submitted with the Merchant Signup Form initially are either invalid, not accepted, or unreadable.

Navigate to Document Request by clicking DOCUMENT REQUEST under Management in the left-hand navigation panel.

View of the Document Request page, with Request Info button, Decision options, and quick Document Request form editing.

Document Request Features

Click here to view the features of the Document Request page.

Document Request Table

Locate information about requests for supporting documents in the main table on the Document Request page. Individual requests are listed by row and include the following information:

Document Request Table Column Name


Date Requested

The date the document request was created.

Division Name

The division boarding the pending merchant to their portfolio.

Merchant Business Name

The name of the prospective merchant.


The status of the Document Request form: Pending, New Info Received, Manually Updated, Manually Reviewed, or Approved

Note: “Approved” status means sufficient information and/or documentation was submitted and approved. It does not mean that the Merchant has been approved for platform onboarding.

Form URL

A COPY option for the static form URL.

Last Updated

The date of the last update to the form.

Actioned By

The user that approved or canceled the form and/or submission.

Created By

The user that created the document request.


Approve or Cancel pending document requests or submissions.

Edit Form

EDIT button to allow revisions to be made to the created request form.

Document Request Table Actions

You can perform the following actions with the Request Document table:

  • Copy the Document Request Form URL to review or send at any time.

  • Approve submitted documentation or cancel the Document Request and form.

  • Quickly edit a Document Request Form if more information is required after the Form has been completed.

Request New Documents

Follow the steps to request supporting documents from prospective Merchants:

  • Step 1: Click REQUEST INFO to redirect to the Merchant Additional Information Request page.

  • Step 2: Enter the required information about the Requester, Merchant, Referrer, and Host configuration.

  • Step 3: Toggle the “Request General Documents” checkbox to reveal a rich-text text input window to type a longer, or more specific/general message while requesting supporting documents.

  • Step 4 To request one or more specific documents, click Request Additional Documents. Select the type and add a description.

  • Step 5 (Optional): To request specific information in the form via a custom field, click Request Additional Custom Field. Add the form field label and a description.

  • Step 6: Click CREATE FORM to create the document request form, or click CANCEL to return to the Document Request page.

Copy Form Upload URL

With each Document Request listing on-page, there is a field titled Form URL. This field shows a COPY hyperlink with a clipboard icon. Clicking COPY will automatically copy the form URL to your clipboard and allow you to view the form from the Merchant’s perspective. You can also use this to re-send the form directly to a merchant through another communication method if needed.

Approve or Cancel Document Request

The column titled Decisions on the Document Request page features a green “Approve”
CHECKMARK button and a red “Cancel” X button.

These buttons allow the user to either approve submitted documents from the request as one of the following:

  • Approved (tick) - Sufficient documentation submitted and approved for a proper boarding review.

  • Canceled ❌ - Invalid / Insufficient documentation or general boarding request cancellation.

Edit Existing Forms

In scenarios where a mistake was made on the Document Request form, you can easily edit any of the parameters by clicking the EDIT button next to the Document Request form you’d like to change.

Customize the Document Request Table

You can customize your view using the options found at the top of the table. View the Table Search and Sort Instructions for instructions on customizing, sorting, or searching tables.

The Document Request page also features an in-page search tool that allows you to search form just the single Document Request page listings instead of the entire platform, driving incredibly fast response results.

Expand the section below to view a complete list of the data that you can display on the Document Request table:

Click here to view Document Request Table column customization options.

Document Request Data

  • Date Requested

  • Division Name

  • Merchant Business Name

  • Status

  • Last Updated

  • Created By

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