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Entity Management

Our Entity Management offering allows you to manage precise control over the capabilities, fees, billing, automated risk decisions, whitelabel customization, onboarding workflows, secure URL redirection hosting, and more at a large scale within your portfolio to streamline your business operations and Merchant onboarding process.

Note: Some of these terms and processes will only apply at a Facilitator level and may not be available to Referrers and below. If you are a Pro Partner Referrer under Payrix, you can request updates to your Division, Host, or Workflow configuration by submitting an Implementation ticket.

Entity Types

The three entity types shown below represent the types of business entities that interact with the Payrix platform either directly or through a whitelabeled offering:

  • Facilitator - A Premium Partner, offering Payment Facilitation products and capabilities of the platform to Payrix Pro Partners (Referrers) or directly to Merchants, while assuming all risk and underwriting liabilities as a Payment Facilitation business.

  • Referrer - A Pro Partner, offering the products and capabilities available through the platform to Merchants as a whitelabeled referral of Payment Facilitation-as-a-Service offered through Payrix or a Payrix Premium Partner’s whitelabeled offering.

  • Merchant - A business successfully boarded to the platform through direct integration, or boarded through a Referrer’s offering of the platform, to accept payment transactions from customers for the sales of their products and services.

Tip: If you would like to become a Pro or Premium Partner of the Payrix platform, you can schedule a demo with our Sales team to explore our offering and how to get started!

Entity Management Terms

The following are technical terms used by the Payrix platform to describe logical groupings of various processes, entities, and their relevant portfolio data:

  • Partition - A representation of a Facilitator’s portfolio on the Payrix platform, housing all Referrers, Merchants, and Users data, Host settings, and other platform-wide settings. Partitions can be further divided into Divisions, to create strategic separations for individual Referrer portfolios within.

  • Division - A representation of a Referrer’s portfolio contained within a Payrix Partition or the Partition of another Facilitator-level entity that contains all Merchant & User data, Host settings, and Workflows within and can be modified on an individual basis without affecting other Divisions or Merchants under a Partition.

  • Host - A configuration of whitelabel branding configurations and platform-wide settings that can be applied at a Partition and Division level.

  • Workflow - An automated process configuration that assigns new Merchants to an existing Group when they submit a completed Signup Form hosted under a Partition or Division.

  • Group - A collection of Referrer or Merchant entities that assign the same configurations for fees, billing, risk decisions, withdrawal flows, and other parameters that automatically apply to all entities within.

Click here to see a flowchart of the entity and process interactions.
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Learn more about each of the Entity Management terms above by visiting their respective pages below:

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