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Fee Collection Process

Any fee created, assessed, and charged is recorded as an Entry to track who is paying or receiving the fee charge.

  • When an active Fee is applied, it creates an Entry with the “Processed” status to immediately debit the amount from that entity paying the fee.

  • After this happens, both the paying and receiving entity will see a new entry listed on their Balance Details page.

  • The paying entity will see a negative amount matching the fee total, and the receiving entity will see a positive amount matching the fee total.

When the fee’s entry has completed processing and is no longer in a “pending” status, the receiving entity can then add the newly available amount to a payout schedule.

Note: A fee cannot be deleted once it has been applied or if it is on or past the current date.

This is to ensure that there are no orphaned events in our system for a fee schedule that no longer exists. You can set fees to inactive or modify the fee based on your needs as long as you consider the timing implications of the fee modification. 


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