Reference Fee Creation and Customization

With Payrix, you have the ability to seamlessly and conveniently create new fees and customize existing fees. This is how you will go about monetizing the payment services you are providing. 

Fees can be customized for a specific client, or you can create standard and portfolio-wide fees via the Groups function (Portal or via the /orgs endpoint in the API). Features include:

Fee Schedules

In the Payrix platform we support 47 different fee schedules that can be configured as a fixed amount or a percentage (depending on the type of fee). You can apply as many fees as you’d like to your client’s merchant account, and you can customize when the fee is set to start and how frequently each fee is applied. For example, you can create a bi-weekly fee and set it to begin triggering on your preferred date.  

Fees can also be tailored via FeeRules to apply only when certain conditions are met, such as customizing fees per card brand, based on the transaction amount, cvv/avs results, etc. This allows you to set up pricing tailored to your clients and offer optimized rates based on payment best practices such as reduced rates for card-present transactions or transactions that have a full CVV/AVS authorization.