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Fee Modifiers

Fee Modifiers offer the ability to set an entity of your choice as liable for paying a specific fee and whether or not the final fee amount paid by the chosen entity is marked up. Below is the basic structure to understand Fee Modifiers and how they work.

When you’re ready you’re ready to apply a Fee Modifier, see Adding a Fee Modifier within the Create and Apply a Fee article.

Setup Parameter



Type of fee modification, Actual (Dollar Amount) or Percentage (of Fee totals)


The actual or percentage amount in basis points.


The Fee ID for the existing fee being modified.

From Entity ID

The Entity ID for the entity that will now be charged the modified Fee.

Note: The Type and Amount fields refer to conditional setup for fee markup for the specific entity. For example, a Fee Modifier could apply a 10% markup on the fee total for a specific org.

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