Creating Fee Types

In addition to customizing the existing standard Payrix processing fees, you can create new custom fees unique to your portfolio. Some of the most common custom fee scenarios are:

  1. Onboarding fees - Create and collect a fee from your client as they sign-up for Payrix. This customization allows our partners to seamlessly implement a portfolio-wide or individual new account creation fee to collect from their clients. 

  2. Transaction fees - Create fees when a transaction is initially authorized so that even if the transaction fails due to the processor/issuer you are still recouping funds. Alternatively, you can set up a fee on a capture event so that you collect funds when the transaction batches and settles. The most common implementation is a flat fee on an authorization and a basis point fee on a capture (e.g.  $0.15 flat fee on an auth schedule and a 20 basis point 20% percentage on an capture schedule).  

  3. Chargeback/Dispute fees - Managing your clients’ dispute responses may require additional human effort and investment on your part. You can charge a custom dispute fee to offset your increased overhead or simply as a means to monetize your payment services.

  4. Platform service fees - Creating a custom platform service fee in Payrix is an ideal way to automatically bill your clients for your services based on your user agreement with them. For example, if your platform charges users a monthly or annual service fee, you can create this fee directly in Payrix eliminating the need for a third-party billing solution. 

Interchange/Processing fees - Interchange and assessment costs are passed on from the processor and card brands. If you want to pass along these to your merchants you can set up an Interchange fee schedule at 100% so that they are responsible to cover the fees.