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Generating an API Key

How to Generate an API Key in the Portal?

API Keys, both private and public, can be generated by any user type directly in the Payrix Portal by following these easy steps:

You can create a Sandbox API Key by following these exact steps in the Sandbox Portal.

Step-By-Step Guide for Generating an API Key in the Portal

Steps 1 - Find the API Keys box on the Settings page

Scroll to the bottom of the Dashboard menu and select Settings:

On the Settings page, locate and click on the API Keys box:

Step 2 - Select “Add API Key”

On the API Keys page, hit the (plus) Add API Key icon:

Step 3 - Complete the Add API Key form

Next, complete the three boxes and hit Add to generate a new API Key:

  1. Name - Give the new API Key you are generating a custom name:

2. Status - From the dropdown menu, select whether you want the new API Key to active or inactive. You can always update the API Key status after it is generated:

3. Type - From the dropdown menu, select whether you want to generate a Private or Public API Key:

Once all three boxes are completed, hit Add to generate the new API Key:

Where to Find an API Key After It Has Been Generated

After these steps are completed, and the new API Key has been generated, you can locate it on the same page where the rest of your API Keys are listed and use the clipboard icon to copy it:

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