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Getting Started with Sandbox Testing

This Implementations resource explains the difference between sandbox and production environments and outlines steps to create and access sandbox accounts.

See your Implementation Manager for Sandbox credentials and account setup.

What is Sandbox?

Sandbox is a testing environment that directly mirrors both the Payrix Portal and API. Pro Clients can utilize Sandbox to ensure their integration and workflow configurations are working as expected, test the various features and functions of the Portal and API, and generally familiarize themselves with the Payrix Platform.

Sandbox vs. Production Environments: Know the Difference

While the Sandbox Portal and API directly mirror the features and functionality of the live production environment, actions and transactions performed in Sandbox do not have any actual impact on your Merchants or live production account. Thus, no funds ever exchange hands and no real-world implications ever occur as a result of your actions in Sandbox.

For example, you can test the entire transaction submission and processing timeline mirroring exactly as it would occur in production, without any money actually exchanging hands. This gives Pro Clients the flexibility and the peace of mind to test any element of the Payrix Platform before launching a new solution or modifying their production account.

Want to test payment submissions in Sandbox? Use this industry-standard “test credit card number” with any (future) expiration date, 3-digit CVV, and valid zip code:

4242 4242 4242 4242

Generally speaking, other than using the test credit card number, we suggest using real data when submitting information in Sandbox to fully simulate the Payrix live production experience. For example, when testing fee creation in Sandbox, mimick an actual fee you wish to create in production to understand what it will look like when live.

Key Features of Sandbox

  • Get to know the “ins and outs” of the Payrix Portal and API without the risk of real-world negative implications as you learn.

  • Test new integrations and automated workflows to ensure they meet your expectations before launching them in live production.

  • Use the Sandbox API to familiarize yourself with request and response syntax, and send practice requests to API resources you will commonly use in production.

  • Determine which onboarding options are ideal for your portfolio.

  • Submit test transactions via any of our payment solutions to understand the process, statuses, and timeline, as well as to determine which option/s most meet your Merchants' needs.

  • Create sample transaction parameters to test the various decisions and triggers.

  • Familiarize yourself with the Groups function which you can use to configure portfolio-wide settings, rules, fees, and much more.

How to Access the Sandbox Testing Environment

As a Payrix Pro Client, you’ll utilize the Sandbox Portal and API to learn how our numerous features and functions work, as well as test your integrations before they’re launched to your Merchants in production. The first step is securing a Sandbox Portal login (username and password), and from there you’ll be able to generate a Sandbox API Key to test the Sandbox API.

Here’s how to access Sandbox:

Creating Sandbox Accounts

During the intake process for new Payrix Pro Clients, your Relationship Manager will generally provide you with a Sandbox username and password for your new Pro Account.

Request access to the Sandbox Portal by signing up here: Pro Client Sandbox Sign Up.

Talk to your Sales, Implementation Manager or Relationship Manager for details regarding your sandbox bank account details requested in the above form.

This will provide you with the necessary credentials to access the Sandbox Portal. Once you have a username and password you can access the Sandbox Portal by visiting:

Having login credentials for Sandbox is not sufficient to begin testing transactions. Because only Merchant entities have the ability to submit transactions within the Payrix Platform, Pro Clients will first need to onboard Sandbox Merchant accounts to begin testing payments.

Following the Merchant Boarding steps, you can create new Sandbox Merchants to begin testing transactions.

Want to create additional Sandbox users for your employees or co-workers? Follow the same process for adding additional users in the production Portal.

In the Management section of the Dashboard Menu, select Users, Add User, then complete the form to give a new user access to Sandbox.

How can I access the Sandbox API?

The Sandbox API can be reached by sending requests to the following URL:

The only requirement for accessing the Sandbox API is generating a Private API Key in the Sandbox Portal and including it in the HEADER of your Sandbox API request. Therefore, you’ll need a Sandbox Portal username and password before you can access the Sandbox API. To generate a Private API Key in the Sandbox Portal, follow the same easy steps for generating one in the production Portal.

Sandbox Environment Exclusions

Although the vast majority of features, functions, and processes in Sandbox identically mirror the live production environment, there are some notable exclusions:

  • Payments submitted in Sandbox will remain in the Captured status and will not update to Settled.

  • Disbursements/Withdrawals created in Sandbox will not move past the Processing status.

  • Dispute responses cannot currently be submitted in Sandbox.

  • Limited transaction rule configuration capabilities in Sandbox. E.g. AVS/CVV Mismatch rules are currently unavailable in Sandbox.

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