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How to Run Reports in the Payrix Portal

How To - Use this guide to utilize the Reporting features available in the Payrix Portal. The Payrix portal automatically compiles data and statistics related to your sales, disputes, merchants/users, and transaction information from your account.

Accessing Report Options

To view reporting options for your account, click Reports, located under the Admin tab.

Using Realtime Reports

Within the Realtime Reports page, there are three pre-built categories for reporting and custom reporting options.

  • Company Reports - Company reports provide both merchants and referrers a look at their profit & loss and balance details.

  • Company Transaction - These transaction reports provide visibility for you and your merchants into your transaction volume, transaction details, and also provide a detailed breakdown of disbursements.

  • Dispute Transaction - this allows you to manage the details of the disputes and chargebacks to understand what is causing these to occur for your merchant base.

To run a report, click the list icon underneath the title of the desired report, then click Run Report.

Customizing your Reports

In addition to running real-time reports with preset Payrix portal parameters, you can also customize the data you’d like to see in your reports by clicking More Options located next to each report option’s title to change the specific info you’d like to see.

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