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How to Update a Group via API

It is recommended to update a fee group after 10 PM EST. Updating a Group before the cutoff time may cause duplicate fees or missed fees.

Updating a Merchant Fee Group

Merchants are added to a Group/Org by creating an orgEntity pointing to the entity and org for the association. To update the group, you will be required to remove the associated entity by deleting the orgEntity that ties them both together.

Groups can be updated using the /orgEntities endpoints:

This guide is specific to updating merchant fee groups via API and will be broken down into three steps:

  1. Search for associated orgEntities

  2. Identify and delete the org entity that needs to be removed

  3. Add merchant to a new group or org entity

The Entity is the merchant of record that is being updated. Entity ID = t1_ent_xxxx

Step 1 - Retrieve merchant entity orgEntity ID

Using the merchant entity ID and the org ID that you want to remove you will query the entity ID and org ID:

  • Entity id / t1_ent_xxxxx - The identifier of the Entity that this orgEntity is associated with.

  • Org id / t1_org_xxx - The identifier of the org that the merchant entity is associated with.

GET /orgEntities

SEARCH entity[in]=<id>&org[in]=<id>

To get all the groups that the entity is associated with you can query the /orgEntities endpoint searching for just the entity ID:

GET /orgEntities/
Search: entity[in]=<id> 

Once you have the orgEntity ID that needs to be removed proceed to Step 2.

Step 2 - Remove/Delete merchant from the group

orgEntity id / t1_oet_xxxx

DELETE /orgEntities/<id>

Step 3- Add merchant to the new group

Entity = Merchant

Org = New Group ID

POST /orgEntities/  
"entity": "t1_ent_xxxx"
"org": "t1_org_xxxx"

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