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How to Update User Emails in the Portal

How To - Use this guide’s step-by-step instructions for updating and confirming a user’s email address within the Portal.

Editing / Replacing a User Email Address

  1. Click Users located under the Management tab of the Portal menu).

Note: This feature cannot be tested in sandbox as the email confirmation message will not be sent to the intended recipient as it does in production.

2. Click the desired user’s entry in the table.

3. Click the Edit icon (located in the upper right-hand corner of the User window.)

4. Edit or replace the user’s email address in the EMAIL field.

5. Click the Confirmation Check icon (located in the upper right-hand corner of the User window.)

A confirmation email will automatically be sent from the portal to the user asking them to confirm their new email address. Once the user confirms their email through the automated email confirmation link, the “Pending Confirmation” info icon will disappear from the email field.

6. Click the Confirm Email button from the email confirmation message sent to the intended user’s address.

Note: This email confirmation will show the username of the user allowing them to confirm their email address correlates with their respective username.

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