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Use the Payrix Portal to generate invoices.

This section provides instructions on how to create an invoice within the Portal.

Selecting Default Information

Follow the steps below to create default invoice settings:

  1. Log into the Portal.

  2. Navigate to Forms and then select Invoices.

  3. Select Invoice Settings.

Enter the preferred default invoice settings for your organization.

Listing Items and Products

The items created on the Products page are the description and price of your products that can be added or deleted at any time. Items here need only to be created once and can be duplicated on an invoice if multiple are being purchased.

Add a Product

To add products:

  1. Select Products and then click Add Product.

2. Add all applicable product information such as the Name, Price, Code and Description.

3. Click Add.

Edit a Product

To edit an existing product:

  1. Click on either the Name, Price, Code or Description of the product.

Clicking on any will allow you to make changes to all.

3. Click the edit icon as shown below.

4. Make any necessary changes and then select the checkmark to keep changes.

Generating Invoices

  1. If you wish to use your own invoice, to send to a customer electronically, click the “Upload Invoice” button in the top right corner to upload a PDF.

To generate your own invoice, start by clicking “Add Invoice” to view an invoice template.

2. Input the desired information for the invoice. You can customize the invoice to include when you would like it sent, and when it is due for payment.

  • If this is a repeat customer, you can search the customer information from previous invoices to auto-fill

  • The “Items” section of the invoice will provide a drop-down list of all products created. The number of items to be sold can be adjusted.

  • The discount and amount for tax must be inputted in dollar amounts.

When all necessary information is complete, click “SAVE AND SEND” to generate the invoice.

Invoice Details

See the Options Description and Invoice Status Description tables below for descriptions of the options available within the Invoice Details page.

Options Description Table




View invoice

Go to Invoice

Open invoice within a new tab

Print Invoice

Provides invoice printing options


Make changes to existing invoice


Emails the invoice to customer emailing address

Mark as Paid

Changes the status of the invoice from pending to paid


Make a copy of the invoice


Delete the invoice

Invoice Status Description Table




Invoice is awaiting payment


Indicates that the customer has viewed the invoice but not yet paid


Invoice has successfully been paid

Customer View

The Invoice will be presented to the customer in this format.

A customer will be able to access this invoice, click on “PAY INVOICE”, and pay with a credit/debit card, or Electronic Check

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