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January 2022 Release Notes

Portal Deployment 2022-01-20

Portal Enhancements: Added the ability for Canada partners to enter Canadian addresses within the “Referrer” section of the portal.

For clients utilizing Gross Funding, the portal now has the ability to look up statement entry fees correlating to a specific statement ID.

*Currently the statement ID must be obtained via API via the disbursements endpoint

API Call for disbursements


GET {{baseUrl}}/disbursements/p1_dbm_61f9b6c96c464ee91111111
    "response": {
        "data": [
                "id": "p1_dbm_61f9b6c96c464ee9111111",
                "created": "2022-02-01 17:40:09.4478",
                "modified": "2022-02-01 19:04:22.7208",
                "creator": "000000000000001",
                "modifier": "000000000000001",
                "entity": "p1_ent_6172df5b5a91eb5d1111111",
                "account": "xxx",
                "payout": "p1_pay_617301965b1590de111111",
                "funding": null,
                "description": "Disbursement for payout p1_pay_617301965b1590de11111111",
                "amount": -5719,
                "status": 2,
                "processed": null,
                "currency": "USD",
                "platform": null,
                "payment": "p1_pmt_6172df5bdbe17b1f1111111",
                "approvedAmount": -5719,
                "expiration": null,
                "sameDay": 0,
                "returnedAmount": null,
                "originalDisbursement": null,
                "statement": "p1_stm_61f8c7ae6bfb20ef1111111",

  • Step 1 - Navigate to merchant account

  • Select Account balance (as seen below)

Then select Statement under Entries

Then paste statement ID and select search. All of the corresponding entries associated to the statement that was collected will appear below.

Webhook Enhancements: Added txn.echeck.funded to webalerts and email alerts

Portal Deployment 2022-01-05

Merchant Signup Forms: Added fields for Canadian merchants
Canada is not available yet but this is preparing for that release

Portal Enhancements: - Reporting: Transaction details report improvements

Expand for detail on transaction detail report improvements

Increased “monthly” to include 31 days from 30

Added tooltip to explain what “copy report ID” is

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