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June 2022 Release Notes

Signup Form

New Features

  • Signup Form now displays red warning icons in the primary navigation tabs and red borders in the signup form sub-sections to signify errors.

  • Ability to remove Plaid-linked bank accounts added to signup form.


  • Button hover and new field icon UI features added.

  • Spacing improvements and subtext added to Owner tab fields.

Resolved Issues

  • Issue resolved where green checkmarks displayed before all required fields were filled out.

  • Issue resolved where clicking the “Add owner” button to add an additional business owner would automatically display fields with error icons.

  • Issue resolved where green checkmarks would appear by default without required info, disclaimer would not open as expected if the “additional info” sub-section was clicked and the delete owner red label not functioning as expected.

  • Issue resolved where Signup Form completion field data submission would not clear info from the form after the initial submission.


New Features

  • “Filter by” option added to select a specific Merchant from a list of merchant accounts that are associated with the initial merchant account.

Resolved Issues

  • Issue resolved where duplicates of lists shown in Failed Merchants Reports displayed in error.

  • Issue resolved where clicking on the Transaction Details Report link redirected the user to the Portal dashboard.

  • Date and captured fields formatting fixes.

  • Issue resolved where data returned from Transaction Detail reports would return a blank data set if “this week” was the selected date range.

  • Issue resolved where incorrect transaction date would display in Transaction Detail report.

  • Issue resolved where Transaction Detail report cost calculation would display the inverse amounts.


New Features

  • GIACT Verification added to the “Add Fee” and “Fees Update” menu under “When to trigger a fee?”.

  • Merchants can now click “Create Bank Account” to add a default bank account from the sign-up page. 

Resolved Issues

  • Issue resolved where API Timeouts triggered when using limit query parameter.

  • Issue resolved where VAR sheet function did not allow downloadable PDFs of sub-merchant VAR sheet.



  • Fee Schedule for GIACT ACH transactions and bank account validation has been added to GIACT API.

  • Batch Echo Files read time for Wells Fargo has been reduced.

  • PLAID Indicator can now be sent with GIACT API call for account verification through PLAID.

Resolved Issues

  • Issue resolved where pulling VAR Sheets would cause EntityRefs to display as inactive.  

  • Issue resolved where the Portal would display chargeback and dispute information that did not match the Wells Fargo-provided Response code.

  • Issue resolved where returned txn.echeck.funded webhook data would not match the API response field data.

  • Issue resolved where the payment section did not populate in the API request, preventing GIACT calls from being made as account number and routing number information were not present.

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