A chargeback (or dispute): A chargeback is a dispute of a purchase that has already been charged to an account that can result in a return of funds.

Respond: By clicking “Respond” you are saying that you wish to fight the chargeback, and can provide valid support documentation backing up your claim. You will attach those documents directly in the portal (please see step by step directions).

Accept Liability: By choosing to accept liability of the chargeback, you are saying the cardholder's dispute is valid and that they should remain in possession of the funds (please see step by step directions on how to accept liability for the dispute).

Pre Arbitration: A pre-arbitration is the escalation of a dispute that you have already responded to. It is the bank coming back to you looking for more information on the transaction before they send it off to the card brands for a decision.

How to dispute a Chargeback:

Step 1 - Find the chargeback on the Disputes page

Clicking on a dispute in the Notification menu or via the Disputes menu, you will see all open chargebacks and be allowed to respond/contest OR accept liability.

  1. Navigate to the Disputes page:

    • Dashboard > Notifications > (YourDispute) -OR- Dashboard > Disputes >(YourDispute)

  2. Click on the transaction chargeback dispute you would like to take action on.

Step 2 - Respond to the chargeback

After clicking on the chargeback, you'll see the Transaction Details screen and three dispute action buttons:


You will click respond if you would like to dispute the chargeback. Please input the Contact name, Note, and attach a document, if available, as proof of a legitimate transaction: order tracking number, receipts, order info, signed invoice, etc. Click Submit Response to submit your response.

Portal Chargeback Response Limitations

If you are having any issues responding to a chargeback in the Portal, please open a support ticket.

View the current limitations for chargeback dispute response file uploads:

  • Maximum of 8 documents total

  • A single document can’t exceed 1 MB

  • The total of all files cannot exceed 8MB

  • File Format – Must be either TIFF/TIF or PDF

  • Must be submitted within the Payrix portal or a Jira ticket prior to 5 business days before the due date.

Accept Liability

You will click Accept Liability accept responsibility for the transaction and are agreeing to refund the charge.

Once you click ACCEPT LIABILITY button, the following window will pop up. Click CONFIRM button and you will be all set.

Mark as Unread

This button will make sure that the dispute is marked Unread to alert you next time you log into your portal.