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Manual Underwriting Process

During the manual underwriting process, Merchants you submit to Payrix via any of our various onboarding methods will be immediately created within the API and Payrix platform, but their Boarding Status will be set to Not Ready. When a Merchant account has the Not Ready boarding status, they can access the Portal, update their user settings and configure most elements of their account, but they cannot yet process any payments or transactions immediately.

These Merchants will only be able to begin processing payments after a validation and data integrity review by the Payrix Underwriting team. This Manual Review process is typically completed within a short timeframe and feedback will be provided to you by your Relationship Manager or by the Payrix Underwriting team directly. Once a Merchant account is approved to process payments, the boarding status will update to Successfully Boarded.

Any new portfolio submitting Merchants to Payrix will initially only be approved for manual underwriting. Depending on your Merchants industry types and other factors, the Underwriting team may approve your portfolio for our automated underwriting process at their discretion after a short initial period of manual underwriting.

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