The below step by step process is to help your customers fill out the Payrix White Label Merchant Application.

We have provided a sample Go to Market offering you can use when signing customers up with our platform:
This exciting new addition to ___________ is going to make it much easier to streamline the operations for your business, help to improve customer relationships and increase cash flow. Get started today by clicking the link below. We have also provided details on how to Sign Up.

To Start: Select a Business Type Under: About Your Business

  • Once a type is selected, additional fields will appear

  • Enter a Username and Password (this is the login you will receive email confirmation to for accessing the Portal)

  • Select your Industry from the drop-down menu (the closest industry that is related to your primary business practices - this is also considered an MCC Code)

  • Locate and select the business category most relevant to your company

  • Enter Legal Business Name // Tax ID (EIN) // Business Address

Be sure to also fill out the Annual Processing Volume & Average Transaction Amount fields, along with your business contact information


About The Owner (Principle)

Enter all fields with a required * This information is needed for KYC/OFAC checks and is a requirement for Sole Proprietors or each individual, if any, who directly or indirectly owns twenty-five percent (25%) or more of the ownership interest of the Legal Entity


Add Bank Account

For Bank Accounts, there are two options when linking: entering the account manually which will require a voided check or utilizing the Plaid Verification tool.


Terms and Conditions

  • Open the Terms & Conditions links to review, in order to check as read and complete the sign up form

You must open each link BEFORE you can submit the application!


Once the form is complete, you will receive an email requesting you to confirm your email - this step is required prior to account activation.