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Create Payment (M)

The Create Payment page allows you to quickly create a new payment from a new or existing customer.

Navigate to the Create Payment page by clicking Create Payment in the left-hand navigation panel Payments category.

Partial view of the Create Payment page, including the Payment Information and Customer Details Sections.

Create Payment Features

Click here to view the features of the Create Payment page.

Payment Information

The Payment Information section contains fields that you use to enter information about the transaction and payment method. Follow the directions below to create a new payment:

  • Step 1: Enter the dollar amount of the transaction in the AMOUNT field.

  • Step 2: Select the Transaction Type from the TRANSACTION TYPE drop-down menu. Choose from Sale, Authorization only, or eCheck.

  • Step 3 (optional): Enter a tip as a dollar amount to be added to the total transaction amount in the TIP field.

  • Step 4: Enter the payment method using the PAYMENT METHOD drop-down menu. Choose from a saved payment in the drop-down menu or select CREATE NEW PAYMENT METHOD. You will be asked to enter the new payment information in the next step.

  • Step 5: To process the payment, click PROCESS PAYMENT at the bottom of the page. If you choose to create a new payment method in Step 4, the Create a New Payment Method lightbox will open on the page. Enter the required credit card information and click PROCESS PAYMENT in the lightbox to complete the payment processing, or click CANCEL in the lightbox to return to the Create Payment page.

Customer Details

The Customer Details section allows you to enter optional additional information about the customer that will be charged when the payment is created. Click the BLACK ARROW icon to expand the section, and enter information for the following optional fields:

Customer Details Field Name



The street address portion of the customer’s billing address.


The city portion of the customer’s billing address.


The state portion of the customer’s billing address.


The zip code portion of the customer’s billing address.


The country portion of the customer’s billing address.


The email address associated with the customer profile.


The phone number associated with the customer profile.

Level 2/3 Processing

If the transaction will be submitted for Level 2 Processing, click the Level 2 Processing box. Additional fields will appear below the Customer Details section.

If the transaction will be submitted for Level 3 Processing, you must first click the Level 2 Processing box, then an additional Level 3 Processing box will appear. Click the Level 3 Processing box and enter the information in the additional fields that appear.

Once you have entered the required information, click PROCESS PAYMENT to complete the charge.

Note: Level 2 and Level 3 data refers to the additional transaction data provided by merchants and used by credit card companies to classify a payment processor into different interchange rates. For more information on Level 2/3 processing, visit the Level 2 and 3 Processing page.

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