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Merchant Onboarding - Risk Requirements

The following are risk requirements for Merchant Signup Form submission to onboard to the Platform.


Required Field *


Business Information

Legal Business Name

Legal Name of the Business

Business Tax ID Number

Regional government tax ID number issued to the Business

Type (Business Structure)

Business Formation Type

Public Company

Whether the Business is Publicly traded.


Primary Business Website URL


Primary Business Email


Business Address


Business Address - City


Business Address - State / Province


Business Address - Country

Zip Code

Business Address - Zip Code


Primary Business Phone Number


Merchant Category Code

Primary Owner (Principal Signer) Information:

First Name

Primary Owner’s Legal First Name

Last Name

Primary Owner’s Legal Last Name


Primary Owner’s Date of Birth

SSN (Tax ID Number)

Regional government tax ID number issued to the Primary Owner.

Business Title (Principal's Title)

Primary Owner’s Title within the Business

Ownership %

Primary Owner’s Ownership Percentage

Principal Signer's Email

Primary Owner’s Email Address

Principal Signer's Address

Primary Owner’s Home Address

Principal Signer's City

Primary Owner’s City

Principal Signer's State

Primary Owner’s State / Province

Principal Signer's Country

Primary Owner’s Country

Principal Signer's Zip Code

Primary Owner’s Zip Code

Principal Signer's  Phone

Primary Owner’s Phone Number

Banking Information

Account Number

The Business’s Bank Account Number

Routing Number

The Business’s Bank Routing Number

Terms & Conditions

Bank Disclosure

Payrix Platform Bank Disclosure Agreement

Merchant Terms & Conditions

Payrix Platform Terms and Conditions Attestation

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