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Merchant Signup Form

About the Signup Form

Partners seeking an out-of-the-box merchant onboarding solution can leverage a Payrix Signup Form as their Merchant on-boarding form.

  • Sign Up links to the Signup Forms are created as part of your white labeling process with your own domain. These can be added to your site or application, as well as sent out via email to prospect merchants.

  • Signup Form backgrounds, sub-headers, and error text are fully customizable to match your company logo and theme.

  • Signup Form requires no backend engineering on your part.

By setting up a white-label instance, you will also have the ability to adjust the header message and add a reCAPTCHA verification key to your Signup Form.

You can add customizations to the Signup Form by working with the Payrix team directly and ensuring your new Merchants experience a seamless onboarding process.

For example, including a custom pricing and fees Group that will apply to any Merchant that signs up via your form. You can also create multiple Signup Forms with varying customizations to match agreements with different Merchants.  

Signup Form Features:

  • Add custom fields for your Merchants to complete when signing up

  • Require the upload of specific documents or signatures from Merchants directly on the Signup form.

  • Add custom agreements and/or terms to your Signup process

  • Import information from earlier pages in the Signup form. (Such as Business Owner information.)

  • Instantly verify your Merchants' banking information as they sign-up with our Plaid integration.

  • “Success” and “Error” icons within the signup form indicating section info requirements are met.

With Plaid, a new Merchant will be prompted to log in to their online banking within a secure hosted form and links the account directly to Payrix. This eliminates the need for them to manually type their account or routing information and ensures the account is validated and will not have any funding issues once processing begins.

Four Signup Form Sections

The Signup Form is for is made up of four sections:

About The Business

This section requests the basic information about the business formation as well as setting the primary parent user login for merchant (username and password).

About The Owner

This sections requests the information regarding the stakeholder/owners in a company. This includes owner(s) personal information such as email address, mailing address, phone number and date of birth.

Add Bank Account

This section requests bank account information for the merchant’s business account. This requires routing number, account number, and account type.

Terms and Conditions

This section can be used to request signatures or documents from merchants, as well as to receive agreement and review from the merchant regarding the platform’s terms and disclosures.

How to Create a Signup Form

Step 1:

From the Portal Dashboard, click Signup Forms from the Forms tab on in the menu bar.

Step 2:

Click the “(plus) Add Merchant Form” button in the upper right hand corner of the Signup Forms menu.

Step 3:

In General Settings, set Page Settings, Header Fields, Color Styling, and Merchant Login Configurations for your Signup form.

You’ll be required to enter the following to continue:

  • Fee Collecting Entity

  • Fee Schedule

  • Fee Type

  • Fee Amount

  • Parent Partner API Key

Step 4:

In Business Info, define your Business Field Configurations or add Custom Business Fields to your form.

Step 5:

In Ownership Info, define your Principal Field Configurations or add Custom Ownership Fields to your form’s About the Owner section.

Step 6:

In Banking Info, define your Business Field Configurations (including using our Plaid integration), or add custom fields to your form’s Add Bank Account section.

Step 7:

In Terms & Disclosures, define your Terms and Conditions (including required document upload or signature), or add custom fields to your form’s Terms & Conditions section.

At the bottom of the Terms & Disclosures menu, click the CREATE SIGNUP FORM button To create the signup form.

Step 8:

You’ll be taken back to the Signup Forms menu of the portal where your newly create merchant signup form will be available at the top of the menu’s list.

Step 9: Click the three dots on the right hand column next to your newly created form to copy the link.

You can post this use this link to create a redirect from your business website to a branded signup form.

See also: Boarding Merchants in the Portal

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