Implementation of Fees

There are 3 ways in which fees can be configured in the Payrix Platform:

  • Directly on Merchants (Entities)

Fees can be applied directly on an individual merchant account via the API or Portal. Utilizing this method allows you to completely customize pricing for each of your clients. Keep in mind, this also means you will need to manage multiple fees for each of your clients and would need to manage any batch update on each and every merchant if you ever needed to make changes.

  • More Broadly on Groups (Orgs)

You can apply a fee to multiple clients or your entire portfolio via the API or directly in the Portal using the Groups feature. By setting up fees via Groups you can offer your clients a variety of pricing structures or break it out into tiered pricing depending on the account. This allows you to easily manage how you are charging your clients based on the custom fee Group you added them to. 

  • Per Transaction

Because of the flexibility to set up fees as either a percentage or fixed amount, a per transaction fee allows you to calculate and send the fee through on each transaction rather than relying on our fee pricing logic. When submitting a fee together with a transaction you create a “Fee Listener.” This method deducts the fee you included in the transaction request from the transaction total and charges that amount to the merchant. This is ideal for referrers with unique pricing agreements with their clients, and those requiring more flexibility rather than relying on set percentage or flat rate fees.