When Merchants receive a chargeback, funds for the associated transaction are deducted from the Merchant’s balance. Once a Merchant successfully responds and eventually wins a chargeback, funds are then returned / made available.

In order to both track chargebacks and confirm funds leaving and returning to the merchant, developers can use these steps below to review, track and report on funds movement:

Step 1

Query the Chargebacks endpoint - Pull all chargebacks that were modified the previous day (can optionally add merchant ID in order to search chargebacks specific to one MID)

GET /chargebacks
SEARCH modified[greater]=2021-01-06&modified[less]=2021-01-07


SEARCH modified[greater]=2021-01-06&modified[less]=2021-01-07&merchant[equals]=p1_mer_ID

Step 2

Query Chargebacks - Retrieve all the 

chargebacks.txn returned from Step 1. Then query that transaction on the /chargebacks endpoint to find all associated chargebacks (there may be one or multiple)

GET /chargebacks
SEARCH txn[in]=p1_txn_ID

Step 3

Query Entries - Retrieve all  the chargebacks.id returned in Step 2.

  • Then query the txn on the /entries endpoint to find all the associated entries with that chargeback. Exclude chargeback fees

  • Add the totals to the query to sum the amount

  • If the sum equals 0, the chargeback funds have been returned to the merchant,

  • If negative the merchant has been debited the chargeback amount.

GET /entries

SEARCH chargeback[in]=p1_chb_ID&isFee[equals]=0
TOTALS sum[]=amount