Create a Merchant via /logins

POST /logins

    "username": "{{$randomFirstName}}12",
    "password": "testuser123!",
    "first": "{{$randomFirstName}}",
    "last": "{{$randomLastName}}",
    "email": "{{$randomEmail}}",
    "portalAccess": 1,

Note: The response will not contain the password, that is set by the platform

Create Additional Merchant via /entities

POST /entities

Pass in the Login ID returned from the above call:

"login": "t1_log_xxxxxxxxxxxxx",

Login to Portal with newly generated login

Login to Merchant and see drop down as merchant to navigate between the two MIDS / Merchant ID’s

Portal Example:

Two Boarded MID’s via Webforms

Two MID’s that were boarded through Webforms can be bound together via API in the steps above as well.