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October 2022 Release Notes


New Features

  • All reports (where applicable) now allow users to search for a merchant by dba to save time in locating a specific merchant amongst multiple merchants with similar names. After entering the dba in the search field, the list of applicable merchants will narrow. Upon hovering over the ā€œiā€ icon, you will see the dba name for reference.


  • The Unpaid Statements report now contains Statement ID field values to make it easier to align information for customers using Statement Billing.


New Features

  • Payrix API now stores each payment session ID which is now integrated with the ThreatMetrix API to help speed up the transaction verification process.

  • Support for card-type fees (such as Corporate, Purchase, or card-brand type) has been added by sending BIN numbers with transactions identifying the card type.

  • A new batch-exclusive processing queue has been created to dramatically speed up batch out times.


  • Unique Entity identifier has been added to Wells Fargo payout reporting as a secondary descriptor to make it easier to differentiate sub-merchant locations.

Resolved Issues

  • Issue resolved where WELLSFARGO transactions would receive an additional '0' prefix for each card captured with less than 16 digits, captured card data now matches for the mentioned transactions.

  • Issue resolved where discoverConveyedMID, amexMID, or :url would not be sent along with newly boarded merchants.

  • Issue resolved where a bug caused Chargeback Fees to not automatically trigger for Wells Fargo disputes.

  • Issue resolved where transaction information would show cards being swiped and dipped (EMV) at the same time when it should only show one or the other.

  • Issue resolved where expiration dates shown in transaction settlement reports would cause a transaction creation to fail for manually imported transactions

SDK (iOS / Android)

iOS: Version 3.0.5 (EMV Certified)

New Features

  • Added new Single Merchant Retrieval functionality: New SDK Method: doGetSingleMerchant(merchantID, sessionKey) | New Callback: didReceiveSingleMerchantRetrievalResults(...)

Resolved Issues

  • Resolved issue with PayDevice Singleton

Android: Payrix Android SDK Version 3.0.5 (EMV Certified)

New Features

  • New Methods introduced: doTransactionDataRequest with Callback: didReceiveGeneralTxnResponse.


  • Removed MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE from SDK Manifest

Resolved Issues

  • Resolved issue with Manual Payments

  • Resolved issue with Crash during lost Internet connection.

  • Resolved issue with Bluetooth locating and connecting to bbPOS Reader from a Samsung device. This requires new Bluetooth permissions check in user application. Refer section below titled Bluetooth Access.


Version 1.0.3 of the Payrix App for Verifone.

  • Resolved issue with missing Void / Refund buttons in transaction history details.

  • Resolved issue with hanging Payrix app startup process.

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