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Signup Form Requirements

Overview: This Implementations resource explains boarding form definitions and requirements.

To provide a frictionless and expedited merchant onboarding experience, the following information and fields must be provided, completed, or assigned by each respective Partner, as described. 

Application / Sign-Up Form High Level Requirements



Beneficial Ownership Requirements

Partner to require and pass all application required data fields in compliance with FinCEN’s Beneficial Ownership Information which includes:

  1. Ownership Prong Info – personal info on all Owners with 25% or more ownership interest

  2. Control Prong Info – personal info on the individual with controlling/significant responsibility

Terms and Conditions

Partner to pass/provide the merchant’s accepted Terms and Conditions attributes to include the following: 

  1. Terms & Conditions - Version

  2. Terms & Conditions - Date Accepted

  3. Terms & Conditions -Time Accepted

Merchant IP Address

Partner to pass/provide the merchant’s IP Address in the “T&C IP Accepted” field   

Bank Account Validation

Merchant Website

Partner to pass/provide the merchant’s website link.  If the merchant will be processing online transactions, the Partner must pass/provide the website link used to process the online transactions.  Partner websites or generic websites used for multiple merchants are not permitted.     

Payment Parameters

Partner to pass/provide the merchant’s expected processing parameters to include the following:

  1. Annual Processing Volume

  2. Average Transaction Amount  

MCC Assignment

Partner to pass/provide the merchant’s Merchant Category Code (MCC) based on the merchant’s actual processing activity and to implement a Quality Control (“QC”) process to ensure the most accurate MCC Code is selected.  If a merchant processes transactions not covered by a single MCC assignment, an additional MID(s) set up may be required

Cardholder Verification

Partner to integrate its referred merchants to prompt for the entry of AVS and CVV fields (for applicable merchants/transactions)   

Transaction IP Address

Partner to pass/provide the cardholder’s IP address with all transactions  

Transaction Processing Method

Partner to confirm the transaction processing method as outlined below and if processing via the API Partner to pass the ThreatMetrix (TMX) session ID for merchant boarding and for transaction processing

  • PayFields

  • Terminals

  • API – Requires Partner to pass TMX session ID

PCI Compliance (Partner)

Partner to provide an up-to-date PCI AOC document if responsible/involved in passing/touching/housing cardholder data 

PCI Compliance (Merchant)

Partner to request and provide PCI status on referred merchants level 3 or above (processing 20,000 transactions or more annually).  

Screenshots of Application Process

Partner to capture screenshots of all pages to the Application/Sign-up process and provide them to Payrix

Final Visual Walkthrough of the sign-up process

Partner to provide Payrix Risk with a visual walkthrough of the sign-up process.  To be scheduled prior to the launch of merchant submissions.

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