The Request More Info page provides the new feature of sending Payrix-hosted information request forms. This new feature greatly reduces the email correspondence required from Payrix Risk and Underwriting with incoming prospective Merchants when they submit incorrect or insufficient information.


  • Communication Improvements: Allows prospective new merchants to correct mistakes or omissions in their document and information submissions used for boarding.

  • Easy Tracking: A dashboard for both Payrix Risk / Underwriting to edit and Partners to view the status of the information requests.

  • White-Labeled Forms: Allows Payrix Risk / Underwriting to set up a partner-branded form for merchants to fill out instead of manually requesting information via email

Use Cases

  • View active Requests for More Info form for a Prospective Merchant

  • Manually send a copy of the form URL to the the merchant from the Request More Info page list.

  • Request More Info form being sent is whitelabeled / branded to your company.

Request More Info: Important Usage Warnings

“Approved” Status

The status of “Approved” in the Request More Info page list refers to the approval of sufficient information and/or documentation.

“Approved” within this page does not mean that the Merchant has been approved for platform onboarding.

Setup / Implementation Scenarios

View an active or completed Request for More Info from a Prospective Merchant

Step 1: Navigate to Management > Merchants > Request More Info

Step 2: View the list and look for the desired merchant.

  • Note: From here you’ll see the essential info about the Merchant’s Request for More Info status and the Payrix Risk / Underwriting team member handling the request.

  • Note: Under the Form URL column of the page list, you can click COPY to copy the raw form URL to your clipboard to be sent or shared manually if needed.

Request More Info - Statuses

Pending - An email requesting additional info has been sent to the prospective Merchant.

  • Note: You can add additional documents or fields to the request form while it is in Pending state.

New Info Received - The Merchant has responded to the form with information

Approved - Payrix Risk / Underwriting has manually marked the supplied info or documentation as sufficient for proper boarding review.

Request More Info - Process Workflow

Review the swim lane flow chart within the expandable content below to see how each system operates with one other in the process as Merchants submit additional requested information.

Request for More Info Workflow