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Partner Marketing Materials (R)

The Partner Marketing Materials page contains customizable marketing templates and other materials designed to help you communicate the benefits of payments and strengthen your message. The available templates range from one-page flyers, email templates, to social media posts.

Navigate to the Partner Marketing Materials page by clicking Settings in the left hand navigation panel, and then clicking Partner Marketing Materials in the Payment Settings section of the Settings page.

View of the Partner Marketing Materials page, including the Marketing Materials Table.

Partner Marketing Materials Features

Click here to view the features of the Partner Marketing Materials page.

Marketing Materials Table

The Marketing Materials table contains a list of all available marketing templates. Using the table, you can either view a template’s contents or download the template for use.

To view or download a template, follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Locate a template in the list, and click the THREE DOTS icon on the right hand side of the table to open the Template Lightbox.

  • Step 2: Choose VIEW to open a new page with the template contents, or choose DOWNLOAD to download a copy of the file.

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