After your client’s daily transaction batch is Settled, the funds appear in their Payrix Available Balance. Disbursing the funds from your client’s Payrix balance to their bank account is accomplished through the Withdrawal function. You can create a customized Withdrawal Schedule (API: payout), which can be configured as a one-time, daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly disbursement to your client’s bank account depending on their needs.

Additionally, you can specify a dollar amount or percentage of your client’s Available Balance to disburse. The most common setup for merchants is to have a  100% Daily Withdrawal Schedule, which Payrix can also automate as part of a workflow so that all your clients have a standard Withdrawal Schedule created when they are onboarded. Referrers also need to create a Withdrawal Schedule (API: payout) to receive the funds for fees you collected from your clients. 

The frequency at which your clients will receive a payout depends on their custom Withdrawal Schedule, but at a maximum, your clients can receive one disbursement to their bank account per business day. Furthermore, Withdrawals do not process on the weekend or bank holidays. Any Withdrawals that are Requested over the weekend will remain in a Processing status and not go to Processed until the next business day. 

To facilitate faster funding for your clients we offer two payout/disbursement options:

  • Standard Payout: Your client’s funds are sent to their bank account at 6PM EST on the day following their batch settlement. For example, if your client has a withdrawal scheduled for Tuesday, it will include their processing income for transactions submitted up until batch close on Monday evening (9:30 PM EST).

    Generally, when a disbursement is sent to a merchant’s bank account at 6PM EST the funds actually become available to them the next morning, but this varies depending on your client’s bank. E.g. when a payout triggers at 6PM EST on Tuesday evening, the money will hit their bank account no earlier than Wednesday morning, and may take longer to process depending on their bank.

    • Once the payout triggers, a Disbursement Details report is generated, listing all of the transaction activity included in that payout.

      Note: Depending on the size of the disbursement this data may take a while to populate once the disbursement has been requested and then processed.


  • Same-Day Payout: Partners that receive approval from our Risk and Underwriting teams can also be set up for a same-day payout. This solution triggers the funding process at 10:30AM EST on the morning after the merchant’s transaction batch closes. Generally, with same-day payouts the money will actually hit your client’s bank account on the same afternoon that the disbursement was sent. For example, when the merchant’s transaction batch closes on Monday evening at 9:30PM EST, their payout will be triggered the next morning (Tuesday) at 10:30AM EST, and the funds will hit their bank account later on Tuesday afternoon.

    • Same-day payouts have a daily limit of $1,000,000.00 per merchant account (MID). Any amount exceeding this threshold will go into the Standard Payout schedule and be sent to the merchant’s bank at 6PM EST. 

Note: While the limit is $1MM, Payrix Risk will make the determination of the actual limit amount for specific merchants.

Note: Regardless of payout method, a disbursement may be delayed depending on the processing timeframe of the merchant’s bank. This may impact when the funds actually hit your client’s bank account. 

For additional information on the Payrix Funding Outline you can reference this article