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Payrix Mobile App

The Payrix Mobile App enables Merchants to turn a tablet or mobile device into a fully functional card-payment point-of-sale terminal without the hassle of complex integration. This innovative solution allows Merchants to give their customers a cardholder-facing checkout experience directly on an Android or iOS device.

The Mobile App interface simplifies the checkout process and allows Merchants to perform any essential tasks directly on the app efficiently.

Primary POS screen.

Payrix Mobile App Features

Check out the Payrix Mobile App Quick Start Guide to see how to perform various functions.

Merchants boarded to the Platform can log in to the Mobile App using their Portal username and password for instant access to the Mobile App solution. This solution is fully integrated with a Merchant’s Platform account in real-time. As a result, Mobile App payments will automatically appear on their Portal Payment History page.

Download the Payrix Mobile App

The Payrix Mobile App is available for free download from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Screenshots (iOS)

App Launch screen.

Mobile App Login screen.

Primary POS screen.

Add Tip screen.

Card Swipe Prompt.

Signature Authorization screen.

Payment Confirmation screen.

Text Message Receipt.

Mobile Payment History screen.

Contact your Relationship Manager for access to our Mobile App/Mobile SDKs Demo for iOS & Android.

Compatible Bluetooth card-readers (“swipers”) for the Payrix Mobile App

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