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Release Notes - April 5, 2024

Portal (Version 24.46.0)

New Features

  • Various ValueTec-specific service fee triggers have been added as Fee Schedules in the Portal under “When to trigger the fee”.


  • The Fee Schedule field (“When to trigger the fee”) drop-down selector has been updated to nest related Fee Schedules within to consolidate the visible list, making each Fee Schedule easier to locate.

Resolved Issues

  • Issue resolved where the “Advanced Search” button and associated modal would not properly respond with applicable layouts on smaller screen sizes.

  • Issue resolved where Merchants receiving a refund for a fee would see a discrepancy between the “Net” amount listed on the Fees menu of the Transaction Details page, and the actual amount disbursed to the Merchants account.

  • Issue resolved where The Payment Number field displayed on the Terminal Transaction Details page would mistakenly append an extra “0” to the end of the last 4 of the displayed card number.

  • Issue resolved where Referrers could view other Referrer Signup Form setups configurations.



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