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Release Notes - August 14, 2023

API (Version 23.17.2)

New Features

  • /vas/Saferpayment is now available to as an option to apply to boarding Merchants as well as general billing or fee configurations. (/vas/Saferpayment is may be optionally disabled at any time.)

  • Parameters to execute a hold on a pending refund by a Platform and Facilitator-level Risk user based on a Merchant’s negative balance, have been added to /holds and /refunds endpoints respectively.

  • Disbursement Returns are now available as an event option to utilize Revenue Shares, Fees, Billing, and other profit sharing or fee options.


  • shift4 has been added to the list of terminal types in the /terminals endpoint.

  • associatedToken parameter has been added to the /tokens endpoint to allow external network token compatibility.

  • omniToken has been added as a fee option for the /billingEvents endpoint.

  • Platform and Facilitator-level Risk users utilizing ThreatMetrix may now input card numbers into the Payments Policy logic, which is hashed, to identify high risk activity.

  • CVV Risk decisions have be updated to allow certain entry modes to be skipped.

  • New re-attempt logic has been applied to /merchant and /transaction endpoint calls that return a 5xx server response (error).

Resolved Issues

  • Issue resolved where submitting a governmental entity type during boarding would erroneously submit incorrectly formatted TIN values.

  • Issue resolved where Merchants attempting to board using MCC 5552 (electric vehicle charging services) would automatically fail.

  • Issue resolved where attempting to initiate a withdrawal flow would not automatically pull in the entity’s designated currency type, and fail the attempt as a result.

  • Issues resolved with various PostProcessor bugs.

  • Issue resolved where an error message would display while processing a Card-on-File (CoF) transaction: “Multiple accounts exist for a given To/From account type specified in the processing code”, causing arbitrary and incorrect declines for the transaction.



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