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Release Notes - July 18, 2023

API (Version 23.15.0)

New Features

  • saferpayments-basic, saferpayments-managed and saferpayments-nonvalidationhave been added to the list of fee schedules and are recorded in the ExternalFees resource.

  • Account balance (/funds) email parameters can now be enabled to send to merchants to inform them about upcoming debits after the negative balance grace period has expired.


  • merchant.created web alert now contains a custom field to allow Referrers and Facilitators to more easily to perform Merchant mapping.

  • /settlements records now include Visa Integrity Fee information.

  • /entities API response bodies now include a riskStatus field to streamline underwriting for a desired entity.

  • shift4 Terminal has been added to the valid values list of terminal type for /terminals requests.

  • Error routing for /holds requests have been updated to route automatically to the Facilitator for a more streamlined experience.

Issues Resolved

  • Issue resolved where external IP addresses would not connect to the API server and record correctly.

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