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Release Notes - July 27, 2023

API (Version 23.16.1)


  • merchant.created web alert now contains a custom field to allow Referrers and Facilitators to more easily to perform Merchant mapping.

  • disbursementsEntries endpoint has been updated for refund transactions created before the disbursement cutoff time.

  • A new toggle has been added to turn logs on or off in Sandbox or Production environments with various endpoints to save disc space.

  • All transactions made with PAX terminal devices now pass through a pending status to settle the transaction within the intended timeframe.

Issues Resolved

  • Issue resolved attempting to process a Safer Payment “External Fee” Type would randomly fail.

  • Issue resolved attempting to send batches via Wells Fargo for settlement would randomly fail.


PAX - Version 2.1.9

  • Auto-batch fix update. This current version uses a worker thread that runs every 15 minutes to check if batch-out is called by the AlarmManager, if not, the worker thread calls batch-out. NB: For Pax A920 (Running Android 8 and above), please ensure the device is charging during the batch circle. This is a temp fix, we will fix this soon and you won't need to plug the device during batching circle


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