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Release Notes - May 17, 2024

Portal (Version 24.50.0)

New Features

  • The Knowledge Base (graduation cap) icon will now be displayed in the left-hand menu of the Portal for Referrers, providing easy access to educational resources and documentation tailored to your needs, and we believe that this enhancement will empower you to navigate the Portal with greater ease and efficiency.

Resolved Issues

  • Issue resolved where inconsistencies in decimal places and 0.00% display for effective rates in the bottom section of Canadian Merchant monthly statements have been fixed.

  • Issue resolved where the “Processed” tab on the Account Balance Details page only shows one page of entries when logged in as the Merchant.

Payrix Mobile SDKs


  • Version 3.0.21 (EMV Certified)

    • Updated the SDK to use to utilize TxnSessionKey for transaction operations. This enables transactions, refunds, reverse authentication, and transaction history retrieval using TxnSessionKey and LoginSessionKey.

    • Updated the PrivacyInfo.xcprivacy file to comply with Apple's new privacy regulations.



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