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Release Notes - May 23, 2024

Portal (Version 24.51.0)

New Features

  • The new Entity Custom Fields feature allows Facilitators and Referrers to send multiple identifiers and Risk-requested items in user-configured custom fields, streamlining the process and increasing Boarding Rates. Moreover, this capability can be leveraged from the Risk Decisions tool to establish precise risk criteria for applying Decisions and Policies.


  • A new 'Status' column has been added to display the active/inactive status of customer tokens from the “Customers” page under the Payment Methods menu, and a button to delete or set tokens to “inactive”, reducing dependency on the platform support team and providing clearer Portal information on the token status.

  • The "Role" tab on the User Detail Page now utilizes the updated Access Template User Interface for a more streamlined and consistent user experience.

Resolved Issues

  • Issue resolved where the gross sales chart on the Referrer Dashboard would inaccurately display line data for "Month to Date" and "Last 30 Days" selections.



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