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Release Notes - May 30, 2024

Portal (Version 24.52.0)


  • The dispute tracker now displays the movement of transaction funds for the Pre-Arbitration dispute stage and Won dispute decision status, providing Merchants and their Referrers greater visibility into Merchant account funds.

  • The Transaction Details report now includes a "Closed" option in the DateField drop-down and a new "Closed Reason" column in the .xls/.csv version, providing users with visibility into closed transactions and their closure reasons.

  • The Generate Reports tab “Entity” dropdown now displays Merchant DBA names or other account references using a tooltip icon to help differentiate between stores with the same legal name but different locations.

Resolved Issues

  • Issue resolved where the monthly total did not match the year-to-date/rolling total in the “Funds Snapshot” shown on the Transaction Risk Page.

  • Issue resolved where the transaction “Funding” status or its icon would not populate as expected on the Transaction Details page.

  • Issue resolved where the "Same Day Payout" check is now visible to Referrers on the merchant's Withdrawal Schedule Page, allowing them to ensure if the option is turned on or not for their merchant's withdrawal schedule.



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