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Release Notes - May 9, 2024

Portal (Version 24.49.0)


  • The Web Alerts page in the Portal now provides pagination, users can now access all webhook alerts with ease. This enhancement lets users view the last 30 alerts and navigate the list of over 95 web alert resources. The improvement provides a more efficient and organized way to manage webhook alerts, ensuring that all relevant information is easily accessible.

  • You can now view transaction funding statuses from the Transaction Details page table columns. This improvement also includes the 'Funded' status when the platform receives the funded status icon displayed on the Payment History page. This enhancement will provide a more comprehensive and transparent view of your transaction funding statuses.

  • The Reconciliation feature on the Payouts page has been updated for Merchants by adding a new column to the sales dropdown. This improvement lets you easily view the platform for each of your sales line items, clarifying which sales correspond to which platform deposit. With this update, you can efficiently reconcile your sales against your platform deposits, making your workflow more streamlined and intuitive.

Resolved Issues

  • Issue resolved where the "Stage" column was not sortable on the "Needs Response" Dispute view, preventing users from sorting by First Chargeback, Retrieval, and other relevant criteria.

  • Issue resolved where the Merchant signup interface displayed crowded text, causing visual and UI issues.

  • Issue resolved where the visibility of signup forms was limited to those tied to the same division as the referrer user, and the Create Merchant Signup form button and Referrer Signup Form tab were removed.

  • Issue resolved where the logic was updated to include fees with populated Fee IDs, ensuring accurate totaling for vendor fee columns on statement billing.

  • Issue resolved where the primary color for a partner's white-labeled environment now correctly applies to all items within the Portal after setting a new primary color in the Color Themes section of the Settings and saving changes.



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