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Reports Updates - June 2, 2022

Reports is one of the most frequently used features of our portal and previously showed three different pages for Reports, which are “Real-Time Reports,” “Scheduled Reports,” and “Self-Service Reports.” Our latest improvement streamlines the user interface into a single user experience and workflow where users are able to select from a drop-down that includes all reports.

The new reports user experience has been redesigned to have one user experience, interface, and workflow for the reporting page. We have removed the existing three pages and will now show one reporting page where users can select from a drop-down which will include all reports that were previously part of the three different pages to run and review.

We show the user prompts to ask which option they'd like to select with descriptions of each report provided at the top of each page. The options highlight the differences between the results of the reports that will be generated.

  • "Create Reports" combined both “Real-Time” and “Scheduled Reports” into one selection for users

  • “Quick Reports” replaced our previous pages “Scheduled Reports” and “Self-Service Reports”

  • “Include All Up To Date Data” replaced our previous page of “Real-Time Reports”


We have also updated the input selections UI to match industry standards, in addition to a simpler and unified workflow.

See How to Generate Reports for information on using our new Reports features.

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